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How to book a Face Painter

Hosting an event can entail wearing many hats and require a lot of communication. When you are seeking a Face Painter for your special event, how do you asses what to look for?

1). How did you hear about this company or artist? Do they have a website or Facebook page? Many of our amazing artists that you hire today at one time, did not have a website or Facebook page. That was also a time when we did not have the skills and understanding of the unique needs at events, like we do today. If you are seeking an insured artists who are skilled in this work, going with a company or artist who has one of two, would be recommended. I know that my first couple of birthday parties I was very new to the market and reasonable in price, had a website however, did not know I needed insurance. This is the type of experience we try to support for those starting out in our inudustry however as a customer, great questions ask when looking for an artist.

2). What type of set up did they have? What type of space are you wanting to have an artist set up? Are you wanting a company that provides a table and chairs or are you prepared to support their needs for set up either way? Some companies and independent artists will provide their own set up however, many require that this is accommodate. You may be asking, what does this require? This only requires an adult sized table that could easily fit a suitcase and if your artists sits while they work (a majority), two chairs.

3). Are you seeking a type of artistry, speed or high guest count reach?

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