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Starburst Arts is a stellar Twin Cities art & entertainment company who is the best in the Midwest. We have a wide range of services that can accommodate many different ages and themes. Are you looking for a service not listed on our website? please inquire as we work with many other artists not listed. Our goal is to leave you and your guests beaming with Starburst smiles! 

  1. Above and beyond                                                                All of our entertainers have years of professional training and if they are new to our team, learn from award winning talent.  Many of our entertainers have a vast range of background with children and/or the arts. Each of our team members have excellent customer care and naturally-go above and beyond.                                                                                 

  2. Only the safest products and sanitation practices      We use only FDA-approved products and a one sponge per guest policy. All our our kits are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to each event. We are professional insured with liability insurance,  leaving you peace of mind.                                                                                 

  3. We enjoy working with people of all ages.                    We believe that our services can be enjoyed by people, regardless of the details and labels!  We cater to the whole spectrum and work to make our products appealing to children, young adults and everyone beyond and in between.  

  • We carry a high value for safety and sanitation, ensuring you and your guests are  happy and comfortable, even after the event 

  • Our team of artist are not only passionate about their craft, they go above and beyond to ensure your experience is memorable

  • We work with children and adults of all ages, making our services versatile to any event. 

  • We are licensed, insured and work to make your event shine, every time.                                                                                   

When you book Starburst Arts, we will increase YOUR exposure to YOUR event. If you have any type of promotional materials, we can add them to our social media- Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram!


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