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Candy Cotton

Our Services

Starburst provides custom packages for many services within the Entertainment industry.  We work with artists that we know and trust throughout the Metro and can coordinate all of the services you need, in one contract. Let us host your artistry services with a customizable package! Please check out our other services we can offer! 

Line Manager

Our line management team are prepared and ready to assist in the flow and coordination of our services and your guests!  We have found this especially helpful after the pandemic.  

UV Activated Booth 

Our UV activation booth is an enclosed 10'x10' space that is illuminated with UV lights and mirrors for photos.  Let our artwork GLOW with our UV Flow.  Would you like us to work out of this booth, let us know when you book! 

Live Event Body Painting 

Do you have an event where you would like a live painting of statues or other custom artistry?  We work with corporate and private events to elevate your guests experience! 

Onsite service coordinator

This position is a wonderful addition for events that have multiple services! Would you like to make sure that we have proper assistance and care for your event? Let us bring one of our team to assist! 

Custom Stencils & Designs 

Do you have a company logo or family tradition?  We would love to accommodate your event with custom stencils for our Airbrush and Glitter Tattoos (can also be used with Face Paint)

Birthday Gift Bags

Are you have a themed Birthday event?  We would love to provide your guests with our custom made gift bags, up to 20 guests.  These are made to order and include a custom made item from your artist! 

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