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How the Star bursted...

Stella Carlson

Creative Director/Owner

"We found our passion to work together and make all of our communities we are a part of, shine even brighter!"

Artistry has been rooted in my family for generations; my grandmother was a seamstress with a passion for theater, costuming and business. She was  developing new ideas and concepts around each bend, ready to tackle the next opportunity. While working alongside her, I would be dreaming of my own creations, often doodling and building my own ideas from the moment a tool was in grip.  Although art was rooted my heart, I did not find my artistic passion until a paintbrush touched my face.  


When I was 14 years old my first opportunity to paint on skin presented itself as an actor with the Renaissance Festival along with their annual haunted production.  Being immediately drawn, I fell in love with all of the creative opportunities.  It was not long before I was immersed in coaching actors, working on scene sets and of course, doing FX makeup.  This community had me enchanted and was returning each year following until I was 21 years old.  Conflicted I found myself motivated to focus on more “practical” efforts, for the sake of income and stability. Although I wanted to be a makeup and performance artist, I struggled with the uncertainty it would bring. 


My next journey began working in the non-profit sector, assisting young people in transition.  Working with people through intentional community became a very important connection to me so it was no surprise that this type of work would be my roots into adulthood.  In 2010, being on the agency fundraising committee, we were brainstorming ways to engage family fun entertainment; immediately what came to mind is Face Painting. I felt confident with what to purchase while also finding a few designs I could accomplish with little practice.  It had been a long time since I had worked with water based makeup and I had never painted children, I was certainly nervous.  This was a huge success and many people were asking for a business card, I felt charged and inspired.   Experiencing the shared response of joy from people I painted, had me hooked. That evening I spoke to a mentor of mine who encouraged me to create a website and order cards (I thought what a wild idea) but I did it.


I launched my first company in 2011, Faces By Stella, and each year found myself further immersed in the painting community locally and beyond. In 2017 I left my career in non-profit to run a full time artistry entertainment company, Starburst Arts!  As my customer base grew, so did my team and our collective vision. We found our passion to work together and make all of our communities we are a part of, shine even brighter!