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Airbrush Tattoos

Cat Tattoo
Airbrush Tattoo- Starbrust Arts
AIRBRUSH TATTOOS are Water resistant and a service that can bring the whole room together. We offer both water resistant and water proof options! 

  • We utilize specially formulated makeup that allows for a semi-permanent tattoo with the Alcohol based makeup.  We offer both Hybrid (lasting for up to three days and removed with soap and water)  and the Ink line (lasting for up to ten days and removal is with an oil or makeup remover),   


  • We recommend the Ink line for teens and adults or water based venues.  Hybrid is water resistant and a better options for younger age group.  We can provide both for an additional fee. 

  •  We provide everything needed for our set-up- You provide the power and we provide the fun.  Our goal is make your entertainment with Starburst Arts both simple and accommodating.

  • Choose designs incorporating your company logos and event themes.  Please list on your booking inquiry on how we can support making your special request come to life-we love a new challenge! 

  • We work to provide as many entertainers as needed,  through a large local network of Professionals who all work to ensure best hygiene practices and only use approved products.  

  • We are licensed and insured.​

Mystery Booth tattoos from guests at an event
Airbrush Tattoo on shoulder, pink and purple with a cyclone center

UV GLOW Airbrush Tattoos

UV Airbrush Tattoo of a face with added UV Glitter
Airbrush Tattoo
Airbrush UV

Two hour Packages starting at $300

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