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Creative Director Stella Carlson, profile image

Stella Carlson
Entertainment Director / Lead Artist

My family has been rooted in the arts for generations; my grandmother was a dedicated, resilient seamstress with a passion for theater, costuming and business.  While working alongside her, I would dream of my own creations, doodling and building my own ideas from the moment a tool was in grip.  Although art was rooted in my heart, my artistic passion was found when a paintbrush touched my face.  


As a youth, I joined the entertainment team of the MN Renaissance Festival as well as their annual haunted production.   It was not long before I was immersed in coaching actors, working on scene sets and of course, doing FX makeup.  


Launching my first company in 2011, Faces By Stella, I found myself further immersed in the painting community locally and beyond. In 2018 I left my career in non-profit to run a full time artistry entertainment company, Starburst Arts!  As my customer base grew, so did my team.  Our shared vision of working together, creating an inclusive environment that is both accessible and respectful, where artistry brings joy that can be shared.


Stella at an event
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